Episode 127 – Tell Your Brand Story

“Tell a story about your brand to build a relationship with your customers.”

Are you telling a story with your marketing messages.

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Episode 126 – Effective Delegation

“Delegate some of your tasks to get back some time.”

Learn what to delegate and how on today’s Coachcast.

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Episode 125 – Personal Support Network

“Build a personal support network to help reach new level of success.”

Today we talk about building a network to support us as we soar to new levels of success.

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Episode 124 – Flexible Work Schedules

“Flexible work schedules can boost morale and productivity while reducing turnover.”

Today we look at the possibilities of flexible work schedules in the construction industry.

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Episode 123 – Project Team Priorities

“Create a Focus Priority to help guide your project teams to success.”

On today’s Coachcast we talk about setting project team priorities.

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Episode 122 – Position Your Marketing

“Position your marketing efforts to get your message in the right places.”

Today we take a look at positioning our marketing efforts in the right places.

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Episode 121 – Use Time Wisely

“Supercharge your day by using time wisely.”

Today we review managing our tasks and routines so that we use out time effectively.

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Episode 120 – Boost Your Energy Levels

“Add some fitness to your routine to boost your energy levels through the roof.”

Today we talk about the importance of exercise and the positive impact on our energy levels.

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Episode 119 – Understanding Your Culture

“Successful companies have distinct cultures. Do you know your real culture?”

In this episode we review the importance of understanding what your company’s real culture is.

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Episode 118 – Client Satisfaction

“Do you know how your customers really feel about your level of service?”

Today we review customer satisfaction.

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