E156: First Quarter Review

“It’s the last full week of the first quarter, let’s prepare for our review.”

Next week it’s time to review where we are with our 2015 plans.

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E155: Fitness Basics

“Is your fitness built on a solid foundation.”

Fitness is important for our energy, stamina, clarity and health.

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E154: Employee Training

“It’s important to show our employees we care by investing in their future.”

Are you leading your employee’s on the right career path?

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E153: Project Risk Management

“Risk management is a key step in maintaining our profitable construction business.”

Are you managing your risks in each phase of the project?

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E152: Strategic Client Partnerships

“Our goal is to develop our client relationships into Strategic Client Partnerships.”

This is what Contracting Coach is all about. Building strong lasting relationships with clients and improving our efficiency.

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E151: Why Coaching and Email Time Hac

“Make a plan for managing your email and stop wasting time.”

Today I start by explaining why I choose to coach versus working as a consultant and then provide a couple tips to save time with your email inbox.

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E150: The Authentic Us

“If we are truly authentic we have no real competition.”

Are you authentic? Is your business authentic?

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E149: Marketing Support

“Get professional support to maximize your marketing and advertising dollars.”

Do you have the right team supporting your business?

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E148: Field Tracking

“What tools do you use to keep track of things in the field?”

Today we look at tracking field issues.

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E147: Customers Are Not Always Right

“Educating our customers is a key step in building lasting relationships.”

Are you training your teams to teach your customers?

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