Episode 30 Get Some Me Time

In today’s episode we talk about the importance of planning some Me-Time.  We all need time to reflect and work on our self improvement but we rarely take that time and make it a priority.

Are you?

Episode 29 3 Week Look Ahead

In today’s episode we review one of my favorite tools for managing a project, the 3-Week Look Ahead Schedule.  This simple tool can help you keep your projects running smooth and on schedule.  Best of all, it only takes a small amount of time to keep it up to date and accurate.

3Week Look Ahead Schedule

3Week Look Ahead Schedule Sample

Episode 28 Project Schedules

Today we review the importance of having a project schedule and get into the basics of creating an accurate schedule for your projects.

Elite Contractors Manifesto – Part 1 – Profit is the Reason

In the second bonus episode of the Elite Contractors Manifesto series we dig into item # 1.

Profit is the Reason!

All businesses exist to make a profit and as Elite Contractors we understand this and put making profits as a priority.

Episode 27 Estimating Schedules

In today’s episode we review the importance of maintaining a company resource schedule and comparing that to our estimating efforts to be sure we are bidding on the right projects at the right time.

Episode 26 Daily Routines and Schedules

Today we talk about organizing our daily routines and schedules to get more efficient and make the most out of our days.


I give you tips on planning your routine task, meetings, work tasks and errands so that every day and every week you can get the most work done in the shortest amount of time.

Elite Contractors Manifesto – Intro

In this bonus episode I provide an introduction to the Elite Contractors Manifesto.  I will add additional Coachcasts to talk about each item in the manifesto, today was just to let you know what it is all about.

Episode 25 Life Balance

In today’s episode I get into building a solid foundation to live a balanced life that fits with our dreams and desires.  We review life in four parts, Work, Home, Community and Self then take inventory on where we are today and start making immediate changes to building the life of our dreams.