E217: Social Media Roundup P5 – Engagement

Engagement si the most important part of social media strategy, yet so many miss the mark.

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E216: Ask The Coach – Surety Bonds

The bonded project market can be a great are for growing a business but watch for the roadblocks.

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E215: It’s So Hard

It’s so hard to be successful in construction.

Really? I don’t think so.

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E214: Employee Information Access

Lack of access to information can mislead employees.

Is your HR information easy to find?

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E213: The First Third of the Project

The first third of you project can set the tone and determine you success.

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E212: Social Media P4 – Sharing Information

Share your knowledge on social media to boost your brand’s credibility.

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E211: Efficient Meetings

Meetings: non-productive blackholes inconveniently located throughout your week.

Can you avoid the mind field?

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E210: Old Paradigms

Paradigms control the way we think and act yet so many of them are false.

Are you paradigms serving you?

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E209: Growth Panning

If you are looking to grow your business be sure to understand the reason why you want to grow.

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E208: Project Startup – Scheduling

Don’t forget to include scheduling in your project planning stage.

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