E142: The Art of Following Up

“Consistent follow-up is fundamental to building relationships and trust.”

How do you manage your follow-up?

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E141: Organized Sales Process

“Master the 6 stages of client relationships and build a solid sales pipeline.”

Do you have an organized sales process?

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E140: Take It All In

“Remember to stop from time to time to look around and enjoy your journey.”

Or you pushing too hard?

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E139: Accounting Support Services

“Get the right support from your accounting professional to help grow your business.”

Are you getting what you need from your accountant?

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E138: Change Order Proposals

“Develop a change order proposal template that will make your submissions easier.”

Let’s look at what we should include with our change order proposal.

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E137: Customer Service Dept.

“Create a great customer service program to avoid misunderstandings and costly disputes.”

Let’s look at your customer service program.

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E136: Time Is Money

“Maximize your project schedule to maximize labor efficiency and profits.”

Let’s look at how we schedule projects for maximum productivity.

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E135: Winning Expectations

“Control life’s outcomes by setting the stage with winning expectations.”

Do you expect to win?

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E134: Professional Service Providers

“Get the right professional service providers to help propel your business to the next level.”

Do you have the right professional supporting your business?

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E133: Change Order Notification

“The way we handle potential change order notifications can help set the table for change negotiations.”

Let’s look at how we interact with our clients when there is bad news.

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