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Ask Coach – How Can I Research My Niche Markets?

“Proper market research can guide us in planning for the future.”   In today’s episode, I discuss how we can conduct market research in our target areas.Sign Up for...

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Are Your Actions in Alignment with Your Values?

“Keep your actions aligned with your core values to stay happy and achieve results.”   In today’s episode, I discuss how important it is to make sure our actions...

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To Be the Best, Build the Best Teams

“Build great teams to build great organizations.”   In today’s episode, I discuss how leaders need to focus on building strong teams.Sign Up for the Elite Contractors Community Facebook...

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Managing Subcontractor Payments to Control Risk

“Review subcontractor invoices to avoid paying more than the work in place.”   In today’s episode, I discuss managing subcontractor risk with a good schedule of values and proper...

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Review Bid Documents for Special Requirements

“Know the project requirements before submitting your bid.”   In today’s episode, I discuss conducting a proper review of the project requirements during the estimating process.Sign Up for the...

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