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Remember to Have Patience

“Overnight successes take 10 years to develop.”   In today’s episode, I discuss patience.Download the Free Contractor’s Business Systems DeckSign Up for Free Coaching Session / Coaching Review CallLearn...

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Leaders Develop Their Team Members

“Develop great team members and in turn, they will develop a great company.” In today’s episode, I discuss the leader’s role in developing their team members.Download the Free Contractor’s...

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Collect, Review, and Track Insurance Certificates

“Verify your subcontractor’s insurance before they start any work on site.” In today’s episode, I discuss collecting, reviewing, and tracking subcontractor insurance coverage.Download the Free Contractor’s Business Systems DeckSign...

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Pricing Project General Conditions

“Don’t be too fast to ignore the general requirements in the project specs.” In today’s episode, I discuss reviewing the general conditions portion of the contract documents to make...

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Ask Coach – How Do I Attract the Best Employees?

“Hiring great employees takes effort and patience.” In today’s episode, I discuss ways to improve our ability to attract and hire the best employees.Download the Free Contractor’s Business Systems...

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