Apr 28

E705: Avoiding Negativity in Life

A negative mind will never allow you to have a positive life.

Apr 27

E704: 3 Aspects of Good Communication

Good communication is key to leading great teams.

Apr 26

E703: Maintaining Construction Quality

Maintaining high project quality standards is key to developing repeat clients.

Apr 25

E702: Collecting Client Reference Letters

Client reference letters can help put you at the top of the list.

Apr 24

E701: Ask Coach – Agreeing to Pay When Paid Clauses

Accepting difficult contract clauses is part of the construction industry.



Apr 21

E700: Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Build a healthy lifestyle so you can enjoy the journey.


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Apr 20

E699: Good Leadership Takes Practice

Becoming a successful leader takes deliberate practice.


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Apr 19

E698: Stand Your Ground

Don't let your clients take advantage of you.


Apr 18

E697: Conducting an Estimate Review

Establish a system to review your proposals before submitting.

Apr 17

E696: Ask Coach – Finding Training Resources

Finding good resources for training your teams just takes a little creativity.

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