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Better Profitability Starts with Budgeting

“The path to higher project margins starts with proper budgets.”   In today’s episode, I discuss establishing and managing proper construction budgets to improve project margins.Check Out the Elevate...

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Estimating Workflow Help Eliminate Mistakes

“Consistent and documented workflows can help eliminate mistakes in estimating.”   In today’s episode, I discuss establishing workflows and checklists for your estimating process to avoid missing details and...

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Ack Coach – What Should I Give as a Holiday Bonus

“Show appreciation to your employees during the holiday seasons.”   In today’s episode, I discuss giving small tokens of appreciation and bonuses during the holiday season.Check Out the Elevate...

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Create a 2020 Bucket List

“Time to plan for some fun adventures in 2020.”   In today’s episode, I discuss creating a bucket list of experiences for 2020.Check Out the Elevate for Contractors Program...

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Creating KPIs for Our Employees

“KPIs are great tools for employee development and responsibility.”   In today’s episode, I discuss establishing KPIs for our employees that tie to our business KPIs and their personal...

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