Feb 22

E658: Keep Accurate Legal Documents

Check your legal documents for accurate names and addresses.


Feb 21

E657: Getting Good Supply Deals

Materials can be a big portion of your estimate, negotiate good deals.


Feb 20

E656: Ask Coach – Managing Suppliers

We rely on suppliers every day, make sure you get what you want from them.


Feb 17

E655: Effective Use of Time

Are you getting the most out of your days?


Feb 16

E654: Growth Strategies

Plan your growth strategies carefully to succeed.


Feb 15

653: Planning for Chaos

Control the stress of your projects by planning for chaos.


Feb 14

E652: Plan Your Estimating Workload

Avoid mistakes by properly planning your estimating workload.

Feb 13

E651: Ask Coach – How To Be a Better Resource

Become the preferred provider by being the go-to resource.



Feb 10

E650: Practicing Mindfulness

In a hectic world, we have to remember to breathe and let be.


Feb 09

E649: Don’t Get Too Complicated – KISS

Don't let things get too complicated, Keep It Stupid Simple to start.

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