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Your Employees Need to Hear From You

“During uncertain times people need a leader more than ever.” In today’s episode, I discuss how we need to be communicating with our employees and helping them through these...

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Choose the Right Communication Tools

“Our new normal will change the way we communicate for the better.” In today’s episode, I discuss how we can take advantage of the times and move to more...

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Social Media Brand Building Versus Sales

“Use social media to build your brand and trust.” In today’s episode, I discuss how we should be using social media to build our brand.Contracting Coach Free Community LinkFree...

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Ask Coach – Corona Update: Getting Through This Together

“Attitude and effort gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.” In today’s episode, I discuss how we can all get through this...

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Develop a Healthier You

“It’s never too late to get yourself in shape.” In today’s episode, I discuss improving your health and fitness.Download the Free Contractor’s Business Systems DeckSign Up for Free Coaching...

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